$30 million Children’s Museum in West Hartford

A friend filled me in on the plans for the Children’s Museum and I’m positively giddy about them.

The museum hopes, with the town’s help, to buy a large chunk of land east of the Elmwood Community Center and stretching to New Park Road. It includes a pristine section of Trout Brook that would be perfect for children to explore with expert help.

What they’d like to do is create a spiffy new children’s museum that would target pre-school and elementary age children — leaving the older kids mostly to the new Science Center going up in Hartford. In a sense, it would return the museum to its roots, since it’s already one of the oldest children’s museums in the nation.

They’d fly the massive Sperm Whale across town with a helicopter and put it out front. That’d be a great site to see — the whale whizzing overhead.

What’s needed for it to happen? Money, of course, and lots of help from the town, the community and the state.

If everything goes according to plan, Mayor Scott Slifka and the museum will make a big announcement sometime in the next couple of months that lays out the dream and puts the town wholly behind it. I trust that’ll happen.

This would be a tremendous boost for Elmwood, pulling people into the area from across the region and beyond. It would be a destination far bigger than the existing museum on Trout Brook Drive, which is already one of the busiest in the state.

This plan, though tentative, is terrific and would do wonders for our town and for the children who will live in it for many decades to come.

Let’s get it done.


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