Now hear this…

Two of West Hartford’s illustrious legislators — Beth Bye and Andy Fleischmann — are among the four sponsors of a bill that calls on the state to require health insurance companies to pay up to $2,500 for hearing aids for children over 36 month periods. It’s the only bill that either of the lawmakers is sponsoring so far this term — and Friday’ the deadline for putting any more bills in the hopper.

It’s a nice enough measure, no doubt a good policy. Kids who need hearing aids ought to get them. In fact, adults who need hearing aids ought to get them as well, particularly all those senior citizens whose hearing isn’t what it was.

So what I’d like to know is why our legislators are only seeking to help out children who need hearing aids. What about the rest of us? Yeah, it will push up insurance costs even more, but isn’t the whole idea of insurance to spread the cost of dealing with medical issues like hearing loss over a large group instead of making an unlucky few bear the burden? This really ought to be expanded to cover everyone.

And it’s hard to understand why two good people like Bye and Fleischmann didn’t include everyone who can vote among the people who would get hearing aid coverage if they can push the bill through this year.

Are they deaf to the pleas of so many elderly residents who are begging for help in any way possible?


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  1. $2,500 is way to expensive, but it’s necessary to have a hearing aid if you’re having problems with your hearing. I’m sure there are other options so that cheaper hearing aids can be found.

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