Bye, bye, drunken Evelyn

St. Joseph’s College announced today that Evelyn Lynch, who got caught driving drunk after bashing into a parked car in a quiet residential neighborhood near the school, is leaving as of Dec. 31. Of course, she’s been gone since her arrest so she’s really already history.

Let me be among the first to say good riddance.

There are rumors floating around that Kevin Sullivan, our lieutenant governor, could be hired to take her place. Now I’m no great fan of Kevin’s — he’s a little too pompous for my tastes — but he’d make a fine choice. He’d restore the school’s ties to the community, perhaps grab some state cash for it, and be the perfect guy to lead the college into a co-ed future that seems inevitable.

I love having St. Joseph’s in town. It’s a good school and a beautiful campus. I want the place to thrive.

Getting rid of Lynch is a terrific step forward for the college.


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