Cocaine-addled killers driving school buses?

 We learned today that the school bus driver who ran down a pedestrian early one October morning — before the kids were on board — allegedly had cocaine in his system at the time.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, it turns out the Division of Motor Vehicles apparently failed to suspend the guy’s license even though he had a criminal record and a pending narcotics charge.

Yes, just the kind of person you want hauling schoolchildren around town.

What really makes it a stunner, though, is that on Nov. 21 — a month after Robert Fountain drove a bus over a 65-year-old man in a crosswalk — the DMV actually made a concious decision at a hearing to let him keep his license. Apparently killing people while using drugs is not so serious an offense in Connecticut that you should your license over it.

There are so many things wrong with this whole scenario that it’s tough to know where to start, but obviously the DMV could use a reality check. No surprise there, of course.

The town, too, ought to be thinking about what it’s doing. While tragedy can happen anytime, to anyone, it’s certainly more likely that a driver for a private company hired to bus our kids is going to be a dangerous loser than a driver employed by the town itself.

After all, normal goverment vetting of potential workers would keep men like Fountain from taking the wheel. These kinds of jobs should be done by government employees instead of whatever dregs some private company hires. It costs more, but the safety of our children ought to be paramount.

We don’t need cocaine-addled killers driving our school buses.



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3 responses to “Cocaine-addled killers driving school buses?

  1. The notion that the driver merely “had cocaine in his system” but wasn’t really high, as one neighbor told me, leaves me cold. The accident occurred on a Friday morning. So if anything this guy, assuming he is guilty as charged, was driving the bus earlier in the week when he was presumably even more hopped up on drugs.
    That doesn’t give me comfort.
    And I also heard that the schools sent a letter home yesterday about the arrest. That also makes me mad because the arrest happened Nov. 22. All that happened yesterday is that the news broke about it. So what that means is the schools and cops didn’t really care that we learn about what occurred. They just didn’t want to seem like they didn’t want us to know.

  2. this is really bad news…this must be prevented!

  3. john

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