The mess at Trout Brook & Park

I look at them working away there while I sit and sit and sit waiting to get on the interstate. And I’m still not sure exactly what this project is all about. I hope it’s over soon, but can someone tell me what it is they’re doing?



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3 responses to “The mess at Trout Brook & Park

  1. imajoebob

    They’re (finally) adding at least one more exit lane on the ramp to Trout Brook. It can back up all the way to the highway, and everybody is always trying to cross over, since westbound dumps onto the eastbound exit lane and vice versa. It also looks like they’re going to hang another light at the entrance ramp. I can’t believe they don’t kill people there regularly.

    If they really wanted to fix it they’d get rid of the left exit and have eastbound traffic use the current westbound left exit to TB Drive/Elmwood. But that would make sense…

  2. Thanks for the info. I hoped that was the plan, since it would at least make things safer and easier. It’s a godawful mess — and no doubt the new growth downtown will make it worse.

  3. linda

    while in theory adding another exit lane could be a good thing – I’d rather sit in the line of traffic than deal with the incredible mess at the bottom when people exiting realize they are in the wrong lane (i.e. they want to go left on Troutbrook but have exited the highway in the right lane). Will be waiting to see how many fender benders that mess causes.

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