Lieberman returns to DC

I wonder how many times in the next six years I’m going to cringe because I voted for him. I like the guy. I respect him. I’m not even sorry I pulled his lever. But I also know he’s going to drive me crazy with his reckless pursuit of both television cameras and bipartisanship.



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2 responses to “Lieberman returns to DC

  1. Lieberman is neutered and will become less relevent as time goes on. If the Dems pick up more seats in 2008, Lieberman will feel the heat because if he undermines the party, he’ll be stripped of his senority and if he goes to the Republicans, he’ll be of little use because the Dems will have the votes without him.

    No matter what, I’d be surprised if he goes at it again in 2012 and if the Republcians are wise, they’l put up a good candidate instead of a card shark.

    Although Ned Lamont did not winthe eleciton, he did something more important, he made it okay to disagree with the Bush administration policy in Iraq without fear of being called un-American.

    Unlike the flip flopper of 2004, Lamont wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and challenge DINO Joe Lieberman (a person I guarentee you won’t see in CT anytime soon). Ned Lamont help bring in a theme of change and should be credited for other politicians who took Ned’s lead and challenged the incumbents (Murphy, Courtney). Diane Farrell lost because she didn’t take a stand against the war in terms of what she would do differently if elected. She also undermined Lamont any time she had a chance unlike Murphy and Courtney who both supported Lamont and visa versa.

    On the state level, I can tell you that every time Lamont was on the trail, he made sure to talk about any Democratic State Rep candidate and stump for them. Hell, he worked harder for the State Dems than Lieberman ever did.

    I’m proud that I voted for Lamont and would do it again in a second. He didn’t have to get into this race, he had a good life, family, and business. He did this truly because he felt that this country was going a wrong direction and Joe Lieberman was part of the problem. If we only had more men with the courage to stand up and say enough is enough in the Democratic Party (there is a reason the last gov in CT was O’Neil).

    History will look back positively on Lamont’s campaign and his grassroot campaign. Remember, this is a guy NO ONE knew 10 months ago and created a movement that in six months took down a three-term senator. Just imagine a world where the Republicans were still in control and Joe Lieberman would still be kissing George on the cheek.

  2. ctblogger,
    That’s well said. There’s a lot of truth in there.
    I may not have liked Lamont personally, but I do respect the fact that he helped make opposition to the war mainstream.
    I suspect he will, in the long run, deserve credit for saving lives and helping our country get out of this awful morasse our idiot president got us into (with Lieberman’s support).

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