Those darn, drunk college presidents

Back when I went to college — not so long ago — the possibility of drunken students slapping into parked cars while they swerved back and forth along the road was all too real. But nowadays, it’s not the students we have to worry about. It’s the college presidents.

The other night, according to the Courant, the president of beautiful St. Joseph’s College, Evelyn Lynch, drunkenly drove into the side of a car parking on Auburn Street, which is only a few blocks from her office.

Nabbed by our ever vigilant, usually bored, police, the 61-year-old Ms. Lynch could only grovel the next day.

“I sincerely regret the embarrassment that this incident brings to Saint Joseph College, and I want to apologize to the entire college community,” she wrote in a letter to the campus. “I recognize that I am responsible for my serious lapse in judgment, and I have taken immediate steps to address this situation.”

I would suggest to Ms. Lynch that apologizing to the college community is a fine start. But what about the rest of us? You know, the ones who live out here beyond the campus and whose children play along the streets where she weaves this way and that?

There’s something totally forgiveable about a college student who drinks too much — unless, of course, they play for Randy Edsall — but I’m not much inclined to give a break to the college president. Part of her no doubt hefty paycheck is to reward her for being a good role model for the many young women who are getting a good education at St. Joseph’s.

Ms. Lynch, you have to do a whole lot better than that little half-assed apology if you want to seem like anything other than a criminal.



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2 responses to “Those darn, drunk college presidents

  1. Margie Smetana

    Drunk driving by Premier Women’s College President is not acceptable.
    Ms. Lynch should be swiftly escorted out of St. Joseph College as a statement to all its students and parents and the greater St. Joseph College community!
    Accepting the position as President of Saint Joseph College, requires impeccable leadership.
    Drinking, Driving Drunk, and offering lame apologies does not a Womens College President make.
    Saint Joseph College has a strong foundation and excellent reputation from its faculty, past president, alumni, and students to function while the search for the next president takes place.
    Stay Strong, St. Joseph College!
    Be true to your motto of Excellence and Leadership.
    Step Down or Be Escorted out, Ms. Lynch!

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding why the college hasn’t fired her.

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