If only we had a tabloid in town…

Since I’m about as well-connected as leaky faucet, I’m sure thousands of other West Hartford residents have heard the same rumor that reached my ears the other day about … how to put this delicately… extra-curricular affairs between certain prominent figures. I think that’s vague enough while being reasonably clear to those who have heard the talk.

Now I don’t really care who’s doing what to whom, as long as children are neither involved nor likely to have their lives turned upside down by childish adults. But I do worry as a taxpayer if public officials are putting us at risk of a big old lawsuit by acting in ways that some could construe as improper with people who work for them.

And, no, I won’t be more specific because I have no personal knowledge of any of this. It’s just hearsay and that’s not enough evidence on which to say more.



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2 responses to “If only we had a tabloid in town…


    “reasonably clear to those who have heard the talk” what kind of nonsense is that. If you have it spell it out! A talboid wouldn’t do this either

  2. FALCON — If I had personal knowledge, I would spell it out. What I heard concerns me. But if someone challenged me to prove the rumor was true, I could only say that I have no idea. So I won’t write any details. It risks being both libelous and unfair to specify what I cannot prove. I think, though, that it is worth cautioning our elected leaders to nose around and take steps to protect the public in case there’s something to all of this talk.

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