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Slifka gets KO’d

How embarassing for our mayor.

Nothing against Mary Glassman, who seems great, but to trail so badly behind your runningmate is an ugly, ugly thing to see. I don’t think it was a repudiation of Slifka, however. It was just a vote in favor of Glassman — and in favor of a woman.

I have no doubt she’ll do fine on the ticket with John DeStefano, and perhaps help the Democrats give Jodi Rell a real contest.

I wonder how Slifka did in our town.


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Turnout outta sight

They’re talking 50-60 percent statewide and probably more in good old West Hartford.

I think it’s a safe bet that the more people who vote, the more likely it is that Lieberman wins. The hardcore in this race are a tiny cadre of party leaders for Joe and a much larger group of activists for Ned.

But we’ll see. It’s nearly done. Now we just need to count the vote and start arguing about who stole the election.

I should repeat, though, that all you blogging fanatics who insisted Joe should back the primary winner had better get ready to follow your own words. Joe’s on a roll.


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Prediction: Lieberman 52-48.

The senator is surging. Lamont is withering by the hour. There will be much wailing in the blogosphere, but Connecticut Democrats are going to send Lieberman back to Washington today.

The insider polls we can’t see are showing the rapid shift towards Lieberman and the falling apart of Lamont’s efforts. Now let’s see if the Lamont loyalists really are ready to back the choice of the party if the choice of the party is dreary old warmonger Joe.

I’ll be casting my ballot for Lieberman, a decent man who may have gotten the message the last few weeks. We’ll see. 


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Lieberman can win if he chooses

With a 6-point gap in the latest Q poll, all the senator needs to do now is say that he won’t run as an independent if he loses Tuesday. If he makes that commitment, which he should, he’s got a victory tomorrow.

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Malloy or DeStefano?

I just realized I can vote for Scott Slifka whether or not I vote for DeStefano for governor. I want to vote for Slifka (though Mary Glassman is fine, too), but I’m leaning for Malloy. It strikes me that he’s more likely to beat Jodi Rell come November.

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I may go with Joe after all

Yeah, I hate the war.

And, yeah, Joe’s been a disappointment in so many ways.

But I like the guy.

And the best I can say for Lamont is that I don’t know enough about him to dislike him. I’m just afraid I might.

He’s too damn Greenwich for me.


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Blue Back Square rising

In all the Lamont-Lieberman nonsense, I forgot to hail the decision the other day by Judge Robert Chatigny to throw out the lawsuit brought by preservationists aiming to save the interior of the ramshackle Board of Education building from the developers of Blue Back Square.

Now I basically prefer to save old buildings — inside and out — but this one, frankly, doesn’t do it for me.

According to the Courant, the facade will stay and the rest of a gutted, rebuilt structure will house “a Crate & Barrel, a movie theater, restaurants and a Barnes & Noble.”

That sounds pretty good to me, a reasonable tradeoff for the town. It’s not like the developers are planning a drug store there or some such thing.

I’ve been amazed at how fast Blue Back is rising behind town hall — and struck by the quality of the work I’m seeing. I voted for the project with only a little hesitation, but the more I see, the more convinced I am that West Hartford did well to push this through.

Not only will it help hold our taxes down, which is critical, it will also provide more shopping, more recreation, more jobs and more of the atmosphere that’s made our town extraordinary in recent decades.

Those of you who disagree, feel free to weigh in. I know this whole thing is controversial and I’m prone to change my mind when someone makes a good argument.

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