Block parties unblocked

Today’s story in the Courant about Mayor Slifka’s success in reversing a new policy by public works to cease delivering sawhorses and signs when streets are closed off for West Hartford’s many wonderful block parties raises one big question: where was the story telling us about the policy change when it happened? Who made the decision to change the policy and why? How come the news never got out? We have newspapers and we have a town email system that many of us are on to get periodic notices about what’s happening in West Hartford and what’s up at town hall.

If officials want to scale back what government does, include us in that decision. The mayor shouldn’t have to scramble around to reverse a policy that changes long-standing practice. As a town, we should make those kinds of decision openly and honestly, then stick to them when the heat gets turned up.

Scott Slifka did a good job. But somewhere at town hall, someone didn’t.



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3 responses to “Block parties unblocked

  1. u guys fuckin suck!!!

  2. Thanks for that enlightening and carefully worded insight, Mr. blah. I appreciate it greatly.

  3. imajoebob

    It changed when they didn’t want to deliver sawhorses to a block party on Lexington Rd. The parents didn’t think the town showed proper concern for their childrens’ safety. That street, according to a resident I know, besides having regular block parties for the kiddies, may have the highest per capita population of lawyers in the town.

    WH learned this years ago when the street flooded and all the homeowners discovered that the storm and sanitary sewers were a single system. So all that stuff in their basements was not just rainwater (ewww!). The town told them they had to wait for bonding to fix the problem. The lawyers “persuaded” them to do it before the next big storm…

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