Police contract sounds lucrative

I’m willing to believe the Courant’s story left out too much information to be truly useful, but on first glance, it seems like the new 7-year contract for cops is awfully generous. They get as much as 3.75 raises in the last year — which is a lot more than anyone I know is getting — and their work schedule changes so they wind up with something like 20 fewer work days each year, if my math is correct (please, someone, if that’s not right, explain what is correct!).

While it’s true they’ll pay a bit more for future pensions and will need to work 25 years rather than 20 before collecting pensions, it’s still a pretty sweet gig, even if it’s one I wouldn’t do for twice the money.

My impression is that West Hartford has an awful lot of officers for a town its size. I’m sure we have more than comparable communities in terms of population, even though most of the other towns our size have intrinsically more crime because they’re poorer. I’m not sure if I think we have too many officers or not.

What I do know is that being a cop in West Hartford is a good job with good pay. Perhaps that’s why most of the officers I’ve run across in town are also pretty good public servants.


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