About the primary

I thought Joe Lieberman’s last-minute surge would put him over the top, but it didn’t.

The senator came up short, but close enough that he could justify to himself and many supporters that he should stay in the race until November. In retrospect, he must have decided days earlier that if he fell a bit short, he’d keep going. If he got clobbered, he’d have quit.

Is Lieberman doing the right thing? I’m not sure.

I get calls from old friends who are thrilled that Lieberman lost. In other states, the race was simply a referendum on the war. If that’s what it was, I’d have voted for Lamont, too. But it was about so much more, including the quality of the man who wants to take Lieberman’s place in the Senate.

I am not ready to say I’ll support the Democratic candidate in this contest. I am not blindly partisan. I vote for Republicans sometimes, too, though never for president — at least not yet.


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