Turnout outta sight

They’re talking 50-60 percent statewide and probably more in good old West Hartford.

I think it’s a safe bet that the more people who vote, the more likely it is that Lieberman wins. The hardcore in this race are a tiny cadre of party leaders for Joe and a much larger group of activists for Ned.

But we’ll see. It’s nearly done. Now we just need to count the vote and start arguing about who stole the election.

I should repeat, though, that all you blogging fanatics who insisted Joe should back the primary winner had better get ready to follow your own words. Joe’s on a roll.



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3 responses to “Turnout outta sight

  1. Okay,

    Now it’s over and your man lost. I and all the other blogs who supported Lamont stated on numerous occasions that regardless of the outcome, we would support the Democratic nominee.

    Now after ALL of your cheerleading for Lieberman and stating that blogging fanatics follow up on their words, Lamont is pronounced the winner yet it is you who became silent.

    Where’s you post-primary analysis? Are you tellin gme you wouldn’t have somehitng to say if Joe won the election. IF Joe won, your post would have been so long I would have broken my mouse trying to scroll down BUT since Lamont won, you have nothing to say.

    Let’s ask YOU this question: Are you going to support the Democratic nominee for senate? Your silence after Lieberman’s loss speaks volumes and you have a obligation (as a blogger) to set the recoed straight.

    I (as well as many others) await your post.

  2. On another note:

    You’re analysis on Ned Lamont in West Hartford couldn’t be further from the truth.

    To say Lamont is in anyway cold or “an asshole” is outrageous. I know many people who were with him in West Hartford to say he was distant is simply dishonest.

    Lastly, I wouldn’t try smearing other bloggers who support Lamont with sarcasm as we can return the favor.

    Happy blogging.

  3. ctblogger —
    In the big scheme of things, we’re on the same side: in opposition to Bush. The Senate race is merely a sideshow and not worth making enemies out of allies.

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