Prediction: Lieberman 52-48.

The senator is surging. Lamont is withering by the hour. There will be much wailing in the blogosphere, but Connecticut Democrats are going to send Lieberman back to Washington today.

The insider polls we can’t see are showing the rapid shift towards Lieberman and the falling apart of Lamont’s efforts. Now let’s see if the Lamont loyalists really are ready to back the choice of the party if the choice of the party is dreary old warmonger Joe.

I’ll be casting my ballot for Lieberman, a decent man who may have gotten the message the last few weeks. We’ll see. 



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4 responses to “Prediction: Lieberman 52-48.

  1. Ella Boulevard

    ha ha ha ha ha!
    great satire!

  2. I believe that any hope for Lieberman has been lost. Lamont is the new face for CT.

  3. Well, I had the percentage right. Just the wrong winner!

  4. deandra

    You could not have been MORE wrong if you deliberately tried!

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