I may go with Joe after all

Yeah, I hate the war.

And, yeah, Joe’s been a disappointment in so many ways.

But I like the guy.

And the best I can say for Lamont is that I don’t know enough about him to dislike him. I’m just afraid I might.

He’s too damn Greenwich for me.



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4 responses to “I may go with Joe after all

  1. mark

    You should not vote on whether or not you like someone, but rather how they will vote and how those votes will affect your daily life.

    Lamont will be a fighter for healthcare, minority rights, and against the war. Leiberman will not.

  2. TrueBlueCT

    You’re kidding me right?

    On August 9th only one of two messages will be sent out to America, and the world.

    A) Even among Northeast liberal Democrats, the war isn’t that big of an issue.

    B) Holy Cow! Joe Lieberman just lost his Senate Seat.

    Which message do you want to send??

  3. No, TrueBlue, I’m not kidding.
    The message I want to send is that the Democratic Party is broad and deep enough to allow even Joe Lieberman a place within its fold.
    With that said, I would probably vote for a more seasoned challenger who had a track record instead of just lots of money. I just don’t trust Lamont to be anything more than another preppy from Fairfield County who doesn’t have a clue how the rest of us live.

  4. mark,
    Lieberman has been a fighter on some issues I care deeply about, including the environment.
    Lamont wasn’t even a fighter to make his own country club more inclusive. He’s a rich guy with a dream. It’s not my role to make his dream come true, partly because I don’t trust newcomers who haven’t got the background to prove they’ll do what they say.
    God knows that Lieberman sticks by his words, however foolish they may be.

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