They’re all out of touch

Rick Green has a wonderful column in today’s Courant that sliced into all of the Democratic candidates who were busy denouncing Wal-Mart the other day. He asked them each a simple question: did they shop there?

Surprise, surprise, none did.

The whole freakin’ country shops at Wal-Mart to save money — even me, though I hate the place — but these guys haven’t got a clue. They’re living in a world so different that Mr. and Mrs. Mainstream that they couldn’t walk into the most popular store in the world and feel that irritating sense of the familiar.

Both guys running for Senate – Lieberman and Lamont — said they don’t shop there (no kidding!). Lamont, in fact, said he doesn’t do much shopping at all. He probably has a servant do that for him, which would be nice, I suppose.

Scott Slifka, too, hasn’t been to Wal-Mart except maybe back in college. Of course, we don’t have on in West Hartford because, well, we’re too good for that kind of store.

What gets to me about Green’s column is what got to him — that these folks are running for the most powerful positions in the state, begging us to vote for them because they understand our worries and have ideas about how to make things better, but they don’t have a clue. They just don’t have a clue.

We could argue about whether Malloy or DeStefano is more clueless or whether Lieberman, in his Washington fog, or Lamont, in Greenwich, is the most out of touch.

But the reality is pretty simple — none of them are one of us. They’re all floating around in rarified air while most of Connecticut is sweating every day to earn a living and stretch every dollar, even right here in West Hartford.


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