Lieberman won’t run

I know he’s gathering petitions. I know he says that he’ll run on his own party line if he doesn’t win the primary. I know he promises to keep fighting.

But he won’t.

I saw the sadness in his eyes. I saw the weight of what’s happening to him pushing down on him. I saw that he’s not ready for it, that he doesn’t have the drive to carry on after such a blow. He’s done.

I remember that look from sports. Sometimes you could just tell the other team, the other players, had given up. Sure, they went through the motions. They stayed on the field. But they were finished just as surely as if they were back in the locker room getting dressed to go home.

This primary is it. If Lieberman loses, he won’t file the petitions. He’ll move on to something else. He may not be done with politics — it’s his life, so he’ll stay involved — but he won’t stay in the race for November.

Lamont’s already won.


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