Lieberman in West Hartford

I was cooling off with the kids at the Science Center this morning when Senator Lieberman walked in with an entourage of reporters, photographers and pleasant young aides — and his wife, too. He was all smiles despite what he admitted was “disappointing” news about the new Q Poll that showed Ned Lamont with a big lead.

But I heard the senator telling reporters that he can still win as long as he can convince voters that the primary is “not a referendum on the war” and that they should cast their ballots in favor of a broad agenda of reform, not just to protest George Bush’s war.

I got the sense listening to him that he’s feeling wounded and got to thinking how much it must hurt to be rejected by the same Democrats who have pushed him onto the national stage all these years. But he also knows that it’s the war that did it — and that he’s still sticking by the failed policies of the Republicans instead of embracing the position that his constituents so clearly want.

I don’t know that Lieberman can turn it around. I don’t see how. But I remain impressed by the kindness I saw in so many little ways today, from his posing for pictures with kids whose parents don’t even live in Connecticut to his interest in an egg dropping contest.

Whatever else you can say about him, he is a decent, humble, pleasant man. I don’t get that same sense about Ned Lamont.

But I still think I’ll vote for Lamont because I hate this war and the money and blood it claims every single day.

By the way, Lieberman is heading next to the new senior center, where he probably is now.


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