Land of Steady Habits?

We have this image of ourselves as “The Land of Steady Habits,” a state that changes only reluctantly and is sort of permanently mired in the past.

But, in fact, Connecticut is one of the most radical states outside crazy Louisiana in terms of its politics.

The best evidence is that incumbent senators everywhere in America don’t lose unless they’re so crooked that John Rowland would admire their criminal skills. It’s a job for life for almost everyone, if they want to keep it.

But in Connecticut primaries we bounced an incumbent senator — Thomas Dodd — not so long ago and probably will toss out another one this year.

We tossed Lowell Weicker aside as a senator in 1988 to put Joe Lieberman in office and then turned around two years later and made Weicker governor — as an independent!

Then, in one of the most true blue states in the nation, we elected Rowland, a Republican, as governor not once, not twice, but three times — and then we forced him out of office for being crooked.

While all that was going on, we elected Thomas Dodd’s son, Chris, as senator and kept him in the seat all these years since. I guess we wanted to make amends to the family.

Really, the only steady habit in this land is Dick Blumenthal as attorney general scrambling to find a tv camera. I’m sure he’s pretty frustrated, come to think of it, at having no luck at all lately in getting any air time.

And come November, we’re going to elect as our next senator either a now unaffiliated Lieberman — oh, all right, a Connecticut for Lieberman Party candidate — or a multi-millionaire Greenwich businessman who never stopped to think why his Fairfield County country club didn’t have blacks or Jews in it until he started running as a Democrat this year.

There’s nothing steady about our habits.



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2 responses to “Land of Steady Habits?

  1. DAMN!!!

    yah, OK, CT isn’t the land of steady Habits, coming from someone from West Hartford opposing Blue Back Square, I’d say you’re afraid of change

  2. I’m not against Blue Black. But maybe I misunderstand what you wrote.

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