I don’t really like Ned Lamont

Okay, I finally met the man.

I expected to be wowed. I thought I’d walk away thinking he was half rock star, half JFK. Instead, I left with the distinct impression that Lamont is an arrogant asshole.

Now I recognize that he might be much better than he came across to me. First impressions aren’t everything. He could be the swell fellow that most bloggers seem to think.

But what struck me was a certain distance, a kind of coldness, a bit of patrician haughtiness — the kind of thing I’m used to seeing among lawyers, politicians and school administrators (and a few ministers, come to think of it).

Now I realize some people think Joe Lieberman is also a condescending jerk. But in my experience, he’s been friendly, reasonable and willing to go out of his way for meaningless but nice things for people. I like him.

Unfortunately, I don’t much like Lieberman’s politics. I always had problems with some of his agenda and lately it seems like I can’t stomach most of what he’s doing. Maybe I’m less tolerant than I used to be. In Bush’s America, tolerance is not much valued anyway. In any case, I wish Lieberman would try harder to represent Connecticut.

I still think I’ll vote for Lamont, to protest the war mostly. But I won’t feel too bad if Lieberman wins. He’s a good man, despite what you read.



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2 responses to “I don’t really like Ned Lamont

  1. Crista

    Lieberman is a good man! I grew up in CT, though I now live in Florida. In my opinion, Lamont is narcissistic. I’ve been reading up about him, talking to family still in CT about him and even saw him on The Colbert Report last week. Wow, I could not have been less impressed by his overall demeanor. Talk about a “real” politician”, he couldn’t answer ANY question without promoting his campaign. Some of the questions weren’t even about his campaign! What’s up with so many anti-war democrats anyway? Anyway, I may be bias, I met Lieberman a few times and loved him. I think the people of CT need to remember that for 18 years the man has been devoted to them. Maybe CT needs to return the favor. I hope Lieberman is “the come back kid” he’s hoping to be. If he loses though, I have a feeling CT is going to get what it’s asking for by voting Lamont in….and I don’t think they’ll be pleased. Let’s face it, the war is NOT the only pressing issue in our government…what does Lamont stand for on every other issue that matters? Truth be told, I never have cared for people who run on one staple. People lose sight of everything else that matters. Oh well, I don’t live in CT so I can’t vote either way, I just hope CT keeps in mind that “you get what ya pay for” and if you buy into Lamont, you might be tempted to ask for a refund, but we don’t have a return policy in our government. Either way, good luck to CT and I hope you all make the right overall decision. If not, 6 years isn’t too long, is it?

  2. Go Colbert! As wacky and wierd as he is, I’d vote for him.

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