A beaming Scott Slifka


The political mail pouring into Democratic homes in West Hartford is astounding each day. A lot of trees died thanks to these primaries.

But I especially enjoyed this one from the DeStefano-Slifka team that arrived yesterday. Scott looks so young and happy standing beside New Haven’s more veteran politician. In fact, he looks something like a college intern hanging out with some grizzled old pol as they tour factories and shake hands with bedazzled constituents.

We’re supposed to say to ourselves, “Hey, look at that. There’s our boy Scott with that DeStefano fella & since I like Scott, I really ought to vote for those guys.”

Look at that advertising slogan: “Together with John DeStefano, West Hartford’s Scott Slifka is ready to move Connecticut forward.”

That’s great, even if we know darn well that if DeStefano somehow wins, Scott will spend the next four years wandering the state, going to an endless series of insipid little events aimed at bolstering the Democratic base without getting in DeStefano’s way. That’s okay, though. I like Scott. I do wish him well. 


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