Where the heck is Jodi Rell?

Last I knew, Jodi Rell was Connecticut’s governor, installed there by the unexpected but thoroughly necessary departure of her predecessor. At first, she was all over the place, smiling a lot and letting us know that things were going to be fine with a nice lady instead of an evil bastard at the helm.

It seems so long ago.

Now it’s rare to see Jodi’s name in the paper, almost impossible to find out what she’s doing, if anything, and increasingly hard to see why people would want to elect her in her own right for a job that appears so much bigger than she is.

As lieutenant governor, Jodi did a great job of going around talking about relatively inconsequential issues and having her picture taken in group shots that could appear in the back pages of the West Hartford News and countless other little papers. But that’s what she’s still doing most of the time, forgetting that she’s the one at the top now.

I know the polls say Jodi’s going to steamroll the Democrat who wins the primary — I’d bet on DeStefano even though I prefer Malloy — but I wonder if fed-up voters are going to take another look at this accidental governor and change their minds before November. It wouldn’t surprise me.


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