Screw your teenage kids!

I see that the police department is ready to hand out “bright yellow stickers” to anyone willing “to mark the cars of 16- and 17-year-old drivers” so that officers can immediately tell if the young men and women behind the wheel are obeying restrictions on who’s allowed in the vehicle with them.

The voluntary program, which town councilors adopted last month, lets parents put the distinguishing stickers in the lower left rear window of their cars to help the police enforce driving laws that limit when teens can drive and who can drive with them.

Thanks to state lawmakers who know young people can’t and don’t vote, while the elderly always do, the crackdown means that “for the first three months, a new driver may drive only with a person at least 20 years old who has had a license with a clean record for four years, a driving instructor or a parent or legal guardian. After three months, members of the driver’s immediate family may also be in the car. Until age 18, drivers are not allowed to drive between midnight and 5 a.m.”

Now, really, who would put such a stupid sticker in their car window? It’s like a giant neon sign telling cops to arrest your kid — or you, since you might be the one who’s actually behind the wheel when the siren gets flicked on. Anyone who didn’t waste their brain completely as a teenager — which perhaps eliminates some of the town council — should remember that the police always have it in for teens, perhaps with some cause.

But what parent would want the police pulling over their child? The chance of a dumb ticket is high – for anything from a minor traffic violation to failure to have a license on hand – which means higher insurance costs at the very least, as well as a fine of $93 or more. And for what? So the police can make sure they’re not piling extra friends in on the way to football practice or something? I just don’t see it.

This strikes me as a total waste of time, at best. The stickers are free, but I bet I never see one on a car.

And if I do, I suspect it’ll be on a car pulled over by a cop.



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