Soaring taxes

Like everyone, I hate tax increases.

The ideal would be to get great services from the town for nothing, but barring the discovery of oil beneath Conard High School, that doesn’t seem likely. So pay we will.

And the interview with Jim Francis in this week’s West Hartford News makes it pretty clear that homeowners are going to get socked. From the story:

West Hartford faces its first property revaluation since 1999. Many West Hartford residents are seeing increases in property taxes.
“There’s been quite a change that’s happened,” Francis said. “What you’re going to find – residents are going to go up probably 80 percent on their value and businesses roughly a third. What happens when you have that kind of change, there’s a shift of burden from commercial to residential.”

Now that puts things immediately into perspective: because housing prices have soared much faster than commercial values, a far greater share of the overall property tax burden is going to fall on homeowners. That’s only fair, however painful it is for those of us who have to fork over the money. I don’t much like it, but I can’t deny the reasonableness of it — and can’t fault the town for it, either. After all, my house is worth a lot more now.

What this all does is point once again to the veracity of poor old Bill Curry’s fruitless effort to focus attention on cutting the property taxes. It’s fast becoming the most crucial thing government could do to help Connecticut.



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3 responses to “Soaring taxes

  1. so when will the benefits of blue black (which i voted AGAINST twice) kick in? where did the money come from the town GAVE to blue black? where will the money come from to hire and pay more police, to widen and/or build yet another exit off of the highway?

  2. As best I can tell, the benefits start next summer, when the town taxes property based on what’s there this coming October 1. There’s a lot to go, of course, but there should be some new commercial stuff on the tax rolls as of Oct. 1, even if it’s just some incomplete buildings.

    But you have to recognize that it’s only a drop in the bucket compared to the soaring home values all over town. Blue Black Square will help, but not that much.

    And as for additional expenses, well, you may be right. In which case, it won’t ultimately help at all!

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