Winter sports complex at Rockledge

Among my many complaints with news coverage of West Hartford is that reporters never tell me anything ahead of time so that I could, say, lobby for or against it. I usually only find out the town council is considering some issue or another after a decision is made or perhaps in the days immediately before a meeting.

But I see on the town’s web site there is actually quite a lot of information about things planned or dreamed about that voters really ought to hear about before it’s all a done deal, or dead.

For instance, buried down in the capital improvement plan posted on the town’s web site is an interesting $50,000 proposal to transform Rockledge Golf Club “into a winter sporting complex during cold months. Activities should include sledding hills, cross-country skiing trails, and outdoor skating ponds.”

That’s supposed to be done this fiscal year — i.e., perhaps by this winter.

The town’s justification for it is that “these activities would provide less structured recreation opportunities during inactive winter months, would increase social engagement opportunities, and would help facilitate a healthy living philosophy. Additionally, increased winter family activities at Rockledge would familiarize potential new clients with the course’s location and restaurant.”

Now this seems to me to be an entirely wonderful idea at a minimal cost. I suspect I’d be out there sledding with my children at some point if it comes to pass.

What I’d like to know is how come the Courant, The West Hartford News and the rest of the media didn’t think this was worth telling me about? 


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