Mini-golf at Buena Vista???

Well, maybe.

Slated for construction by the town in the 2007-2008 fiscal year, which begins next July, is a $300,000, 18-hole miniature golf course around the Buena Vista pond.

It would operate seven days a week for about 16 weeks each summer. The town expects residents will pay for about 2,000 rounds of mini-golf each week and that the course will prove “a significant revenue generator.”

The town says that mini-golf “supports a diverse, multigenerational and family use that is compatible with an active life style” because it doesn’t take that much time (or, in other words, it’s something we can squeeze into already tight schedules!).

I’m guessing that the West Hartford Taxpayers Association and those ornery seniors who never want to spend money on anything they don’t do are going to find it problematic to shell out $300,000 for a Putt-Putt course. It’s one of those items that screams out WASTE!

But I kind of like the idea, as long as it can pay for itself. I’m not sure I like that bit about how it can become a moneymaker for the town. Things cost enough here for hard-pressed families. Can’t we just make sure it covers its costs and leave it at that?

In any case, where’s the Courant? There can’t be too many town-run mini-golf courses around — especially new ones — so how come this isn’t news?


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  1. In the Leisure Services Jan. 2006 report “A Blueprint for the Future” I find a little bit more. It says “the challenge in designing a miniature golf course is to make it interesting to play. Unlike the older miniature golf models, today’s course fits in more naturally with the environment and brings natural landscaping, contours, and natural hazards, like water, into play.
    Preliminary work has been done on such a course and it is recommended that this be further developed and presented to the Council for approval.”

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