Joe Lieberman phoned me

I was busy trying to open the windows I’d closed before a thunderstorm rolled through when the phone rang.

I almost let it go, but then I realized that was mere laziness, so I dashed to grab it.

When I picked up the receiver, there was a long pause. I waited.

Then I heard Sen. Lieberman tell me that he has “always leveled with you” over the years so he wanted “to tell you personally” that he had decided to seek a spot on the general election ballot.

“I want all the voters to decide in November,” the recorded voice of my senator said.

He also told me that whether he wins or loses the primary “I will stay a proud Democrat.”

That was it. He hung up on me.

I wanted to tell him a few things, but there was no opportunity.

I wanted to tell the senator that his decision to run as an independent made it easy for me to vote for Ned Lamont in next month’s primary. If Lieberman has no allegiance to the party, then I can’t see a reason for me to have allegiance to him.

At least by voting for Lamont, I’d be casting a vote against Bush — and that’s what I mostly feel the desire to do.

Come November, maybe I’ll give Lieberman my vote. We’ll see how it plays out.

But it was nice of the senator to call before he takes the fall.

He’s certainly giving new meaning to Independence Day.



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