Let the kids sleep more

I’m sorry the Board of Education won’t take a final vote until September on the plan to push back high school starting times, though I understand it’s probably the right thing to do.

I am so glad our town is finally getting on board with the idea that it’s crazy to start high school at 7:30 in the morning. Teens stay up late. They need that sleep — and the research proves it. Pushing it back to just 8:15 will help, at least a little.

The arguments against the change are weak — that it will keep kids from taking jobs after school and might put a squeeze on playing fields. I’d just as soon that teens NOT work. They need to focus on academics, not flipping burgers or some other such nonsense. It’s the smart thing in the long run.

And as for playing fields, well, I trust that this will pressure the town to fix up and light more of the fields so we can have games go a little longer into the evening. That’s more family friendly anyway.

This proposal deserves to pass, as soon as possible.


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